Condition Of Sale For KNS Puzzles

The KNS Terms & Conditions cover the terms for this website. This document refers to the KNS Puzzles condition of sale which covers all items provided by KNS Puzzles, including those without a charge.

The copyright for all puzzles offered by KNS Puzzles remains with Kevin Stone, who runs

BrainBashers uses the words Easy, Medium, Hard, etc, to describe the difficulty of their puzzles. However, KNS Puzzles refers to the puzzles as having a Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc, instead. Once you have decided to purchase puzzles from KNS Puzzles, you are then free to refer to their difficulty using whichever terminology you prefer.

All puzzles will have © Kevin Stone [KNS Puzzles] at the bottom.

KNS Puzzles is run by Julian Stone, and is a separate entity to BrainBashers, and operates independently, therefore any sales agreement will only involve Julian Stone, and will not involve Kevin Stone.

Any queries regarding the sale of puzzles from this website will only be dealt with by Julian Stone. The website operated by Kevin Stone,, has no direct responsibility for any of the content on KNS Puzzles

I, Julian Stone, have full control over who may (or may not) receive the content offered by KNS Puzzles, and I reserve the right to refuse to provide puzzles for any reason at my discretion, without explanation.


The following terms and conditions of sale (“these Terms and Conditions”) are incorporated into and form part of every sale of product by KNS Puzzles, to each purchaser (“Purchaser”) described in a KNS Puzzles sale invoice. By ordering and accepting delivery of a product described in a KNS Puzzles Invoice, each Purchaser is deemed to have read, understood & agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

All deliveries take place solely on basis of this written contract/order confirmation (“the Contract”), to which these general terms and conditions of sale always apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. In case buyer has applied special terms of purchase when placing his order, such shall be disregarded at seller’s forwarding of these general terms and conditions of sale.