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Would you like to use Tracks puzzles in your publication?

I can provide Tracks puzzles in the sizes and difficulties listed below, in any print size, and at any resolution, and in most print formats (including TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc). Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements for Tracks puzzles in more detail, and if required I'll send you some printable samples.

 4 x  4 - Puzzle A - B
 5 x  5 - Puzzle A - B
 6 x  6 - Puzzle A - B
 7 x  7 - Puzzle A - B
 8 x  8 - Puzzle A - B
 9 x  9 - Puzzle A - B
10 x 10 - Puzzle A - B
12 x 12 - Level 1

Tracks Help Section

Can you find the route of the track?

There is only one start and one end to the track. The track doesn't cross itself. The numbers across the top and down the side tell you how many track pieces are in the respective row or column. What are the numbers for? These tell you how many track pieces there are in the Rows and Columns.

Tracks Puzzle Start

Puzzle Start

This is the start of the puzzle.

Tracks Step 2

Step 2

As this is 4 x 4 puzzle we know that every square in these columns is a track piece (but we're not yet sure in which direction).

Tracks Step 3

Step 3

As this is a corner square, there is only one possible direction for the track to take.

Tracks Step 4

Step 4

Forcing the corner direction means that the track must leave the corner to the right, which means that this 1 clue is now satisfied and all of the other squares in this column cannot be track pieces, so we can place an X in each.

Tracks Step 5

Step 5

These clues can only be satisfied in one way, so we can place track pieces and X's as required.

Tracks Step 6

Step 6

The track can only go one way through these squares.

Tracks Step 7

Step 7

The track can only go one way through these squares.

Tracks Step 8

Step 8

The track can only go one way through this square, and the puzzle completes.

Tracks Finished Puzzle

Finished Puzzle

The completed puzzle.