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Would you like to use Hitori puzzles in your publication?

I can provide Hitori puzzles in the sizes and difficulties listed below, in any print size, and at any resolution, and in most print formats (including TIFF, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc). Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements for Hitori puzzles in more detail, and if required I'll send you some printable samples.

 5 x  5 - Level 1 - Level 2
 6 x  6 - Level 1 - Level 2
 7 x  7 - Level 1 - Level 2
 8 x  8 - Level 1 - Level 2
 9 x  9 - Level 1 - Level 2
12 x 12 - Level 1

Hitori Help Section

Can you eliminate numbers until there are no duplicates?

Eliminate numbers by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any other (i.e. they are connected). What is the objective? You are to eliminate duplicate numbers in the rows and columns. You can only have (at most) one of any given number in each row and column (sometimes none). Sometimes you don't have any of a given number in a row or column, and sometimes there are no Black squares in a row or column.

Hitori Puzzle Start

Puzzle Start

This is the start of the puzzle.

Hitori Step 2

Step 2

As we're only allowed one <3> in Column 4, one of these squares is Black. Whichever that is, the square between the two must be White.

Hitori Step 3

Step 3

As we've now found a <5> in Column 4, all other <5>'s in the same Row or Column must be Black.

Hitori Step 4

Step 4

All squares surrounding a Black one must be White.

Hitori Step 5

Step 5

We've found a <3> in Column 3, so this square is Black (and those surrounding it are White).

Hitori Step 6

Step 6

This square is Black as we've already a <3> in Column 4.

Hitori Step 7

Step 7

We are not allowed isolated White squares, so this square must be White to avoid the <5> in the corner becoming isolated.

Hitori Step 8

Step 8

We've already a <1> in Column 5, so this square is Black

Hitori Step 9

Step 9

These squares must be White to avoid isolated White squares.

Hitori Step 10

Step 10

These squares are Black as we've already a <4> in Row 3, and a <3> in Column 2.

Hitori Step 11

Step 11

This square must be White to avoid the bottom White section becoming isolated.

Hitori Step 12

Step 12

This square must be White as we've already a <1> in Column 2, and the puzzle will then complete.

Hitori Finished Puzzle

Finished Puzzle

The completed puzzle.